First Timers

Welcome to the wlabp, and thanks!

For those of you starting from scratch, the burrito project was started by some cats in northern California. It started gaining support and spreading when I was in college (and myspace was king). The wlabp was started roughly in the summer of 2008 by some guy.

Every 2 weeks, we get together and make a few dozen burritos from scratch (i’m talking scratch here people). While we simmer beans and cook, we catch up and shoot the shit. It is always open to the public and free for all, although sometimes we beg for donations and such.

Halfway through 2009, Nakhon beer joined the WLABP and donates their beer as well as the employees to help out (thanks Anthony!). We are currently looking for short term and long term donation opportunities.

We get started promptly at 6:30 regardless of who is here. We like people on time, however, if you are late don’t fret, just come whenever you can. We continue to cook until all the ingredients are ready which is around 8:20ish of the top of my head. Wrapping 80 some burritos takes about 30-40 minutes after which we go straight to the third street promenade to pass them out.

Since the santa monica mall is under construction, we park in the mall (for free!) and all walk down the promenade from the corner of broadway and third (one side of the promenade) to wilshire and 3rd (the other). We meet on the corner of broadway and third in front of the street light. You’ll see a bunch of people holding bags of burritos and can’t miss them being that you just spent 2 hours with them. Inevitably, someone will get lost on the way to the mall, or from one side to the other while walking. I STRONGLY SUGGEST: you get someones number, either Allen’s or Lupe’s or Eileen’s or someone who knows what they are doing and can help you get out of a jam. whats a jam you ask? well, we havent lost anyone for good, but we’ve dam near left people on third street before. to get a better idea: imagine 20 people walking down 6 blocks passing burritos and stopping to talk to people… exactly.

we’re usually done at around 9:30 (ish?) but you’re more than free to dodge out early if you need to. obviously we’re glad you want to help, so if you can only come for the cooking portion, feel free to do that. afterwards, we usually go our own merry ways so REMEMBER WHO WAS IN YOUR CAR AND WHO YOU CAME WITH. Once again, I’m including this because of previous experiences. It would be great to carpool and stay in your carpool but that’s always not going to work out… just don’t leave anyone on third street please.

I think that covers it.

For more info, ask someone or email


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