West LA, Silverlake, Boston, Oh my!

We’re spreading herpes in the Hilton family. I know of at least 3 other burrito projects that have sprouted up in LA of recent. While I think this site gives us a chalkboard of stuff to write, we need a bpj wide site to share recipes, and other similar stuff. I’m starting burritoproject.org in the future to be that point.

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One thought on “West LA, Silverlake, Boston, Oh my!

  1. alnbna

    You run an amazing Burrito Project in West LA. By your inspiration, the time has come for yet another NEW Burrito Project to sprout up.

    We are OFFICIALLY starting this month, TODAY, actually (after an unofficial practice run in November lat year). We had such a great response we had to do it again.

    We will be OPEN & gathering EVERY Third Thursday of the Month from South Pasadena, CA.

    If you’re ever in the area, drop by. I’ll see you in West LA or Silverlake soon. Viva Burrito Project!

    Tofu Alan

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