The last last chapter?

Hello friends,

At our last burrito project on October 17th,  we didn’t have any volunteers @ 6:30, and so I had to cancel that burrito project. Our regulars have been slowly trickling away, and we haven’t had much in the way of new volunteers.

To echo what has been said by great people before me, I am also spread pretty thin as of late, and don’t have as much time to dedicate to burrito project. I had originally stepped up as a temporary replacement admin which turned into a semi-permanent role…but it might be my time to step down.

I’d like to keep fighting as long as possible and therefore would like to do at least one more burrito project, on Nov. 7 (to avoid Halloween). We’ll have to scale things down because the people we serve won’t be expecting us (because of the long hiatus), but if I could get just enough volunteers to do a smaller-scale project I would be willing to keep going. If I can’t, with a heavy heart, I’m going to have to let burrito project go.

Given the above, if you think you can assume the responsibilities of continuing what I do on a bimonthly basis, please get in touch with me because the funding and equipment is there to keep things going. It’s been both a pleasure and an honor to do the things we’ve done with the people I’ve met (you guys).

♥ panda.