The next burrito project transition

Hey Everyone,

It’s interesting to take a step back and see the difference burrito project has made. Our recipe is unrecognizable from when we started and the faces I see come in are no longer people that come to my house and make food, but people who I know and love.

While I truly enjoy running burrito project, the responsibilities are a little too great for me to handle alone especially with my new work load. I had a blast setting up burrito project, coming up with cheeky emails and making sure everything was ready for each project. For those of you who have been coming for years, you remember the characters that have come through, the stories we’ve told and the people we’ve helped and that will not change, but the time has come for me to pass the torch.

I never really had plans for it to get so big. I’m now the proud owner of enough cooking materials to serve a small army and I look suspiciously into my fridge when I don’t see giant containers of sour cream and tortillas abound. I’ve mentioned in the past that burrito project may be moving from week to week, and that is really what this is about.

For the next 4 weeks at burrito project, with your help I want to come up with a repeatable structure for our burrito project that other projects can copy and use themselves. We’ll then spend 3 months working out kinks to the system and I hope to pass on burrito project to a handful of dedicated people who will take the burrito project to the next step.

I’m definitely going to have a part of the next phase of bpj, I just feel like its time for me to pass it on to someone with more time and dedication to the project. I’ll still be hosting BPJs for the next few months and after that occasionally. If you are interested in taking more of a role in BPj, just come by, we’ll be talking about it casually while we cook. If you can’t make it but you want to get involved, email / fb / text us.