Census 2010: Doing our part

About a month ago we partnered with the Census Bureau to help with taking a census of the homeless we serve at WLABP. The speedy response and the collaboration from the Census was magnificent.  A large group from the Census came out as promised on March 29, 2010 to Third Street Promenade in SaMo to meet us.

We introduced ourselves to them.   I gave them an overview of our work which they were please and we all got right to it.  Because of the special circumstances, the delivery took a little longer.  As we handed out the burritos, we asked the recipients if they would answer a few questions about the themselves.  Because of privacy laws, we weren’t allowed to ask the questions, but we served as liaisons and successfully had the participation of everyone.

All in all,  the entire night was a success!  Not only did we hand out 93 burritos that night, we had a smaller crew because of Passover, and we took part in “Census 2010!”

Lupe A.