West LA, Silverlake, Boston, Oh my!

We’re spreading herpes in the Hilton family. I know of at least 3 other burrito projects that have sprouted up in LA of recent. While I think this site gives us a chalkboard of stuff to write, we need a bpj wide site to share recipes, and other similar stuff. I’m starting burritoproject.org in the future to be that point.

big stuff


We’re weekly people!

Hey folks, we’ve graduated from 2x/ month to every Monday. What does that mean: no more confusion about when we’re going to show up. No more confusion about when burrito project is happening. No more confusion when you turn the ignition when your car is already on and it makes that noise and everyone starts looking at you…. maybe not that, but the other two for sure. Speaking of confusion, you’ll notice we have stuff repeated all over this site so ignore all the 2 week references from now on.

Thanks for making wlabp great and see you weekly.