I started burrito project as a pack of 1.  Since then my pack has grown.  Seriously though, its grown a lot.  we have the most diverse base of people i’ve ever seen anywhere outside the DMV.  As the project has grown, we’ve needed to tweak our recipe, our methods and how we organize ourselves.  What was once easily manageable by one person now requires the work of a few people to work smoothly.  Again, we’re approaching how we work from the inside out to make the project as good as it can be.

Here are some available administrative roles for burrito project.  to be an administrator you must have come to at least 4 burrito projects and be able to handle the weekly responsibilities, thats all.  If you want to create an administrative position for burrito project, speak to me (allen) or another admin and we’ll probably accommodate it.

Each position includes training, so you won’t be inventing the wheel from scratch.  Below are the current Admin positions and their availability.  Once you have been an admin for 2 months, you can become a manager and oversee other admins.  We understand people’s schedules and priorities change, so it is your responsibility to let a manager know when you can no longer work as an admin.

Supplies / Funding: (wlabp).  Manager: Allen Bina

  • Take inventory after each project
  • arrange for buying
  • arrange for spending and fund raising
  • not responsible for paying for things (credit card will be given)

Social Outreach (wlabp)

  • Keep members and people interested in a positive discussion about burrito project and social activism in general
  • Add content to the wlabp blog
  • keep the email list current, send out reminders for wlabp meetings
  • keep twitter / facebook / email current and reply to conversations
  • you will be given a wlabp email and access to everything you need

Events and Planning (wlabp).  Manager: Ceci Garcia

  • Organize burrito projects
  • stay up to date on holidays (special events: see below) etc.
  • responsible for giving directions for social outreach admins on special events
  • keep the calendars up to date
  • plan special events – Thanksgiving project, Holiday Project, Local sports  leagues (ie dodgeball)
  • come up with creative things to do at burrito projects

Social Outreach (burrito  Manager position available

  • keep in touch with other burrito projects
  • keep the recipe up to date and posted online
  • manage the forums for spam / undesirable content

Apply by contacting us on the contact page

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